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  Key Features

  • Old-school Beat 'em up brawler as the core mechanic. You can learn a new move by smacking each enemy type accordingly.
  • Silly and funny Traps: Baked fish missile, Toothpaste turret, Watermelon bazooka... and much more! Over 15 types of gadgets are ready to be unlocked by you! (* The demo version has 5 types of them)
  • Break neighbors' houses to collect resources. Use them to set traps or build a new room.
  • You can have Susumu make power-up items for you. But be careful! When he's goofing off, give him some loving punishment.

  • Young jobless guy who is avoiding social interactions and shutting himself inside his room all day.
  • In Japan, people like him are called Hikikomori(shut-in), which has become a big social problem.
  • Enemies are trying to reach out to Susumu because they are worried about him, or want to mock him, or just to see a hikikomori in the wild... 
  • When enemies reach Susumu, the game is over. I cannot explain what exactly will happen there, but I can relate to Susumu so badly, because I'm also a Hikikomori who is making this game solo just trying to reflect my own situation with this game...


Hi, everyone! (´▽`)
I'm Nito Souji, a solo indie from Japan.
This is my first game having real players other than me. Your honest feedbacks are really important to make this game better and complete.
Please feel free to get in touch with me. Your opinions, suggestions, bug reports, all welcomed! ...Find a dumb mistake in my English? Love to hear that!
Also I really suck at marketing, have no budget to work with a PR company. So word of mouth is the only marketing channel for me.
I'm so grateful if you would share this game with your friends and enjoy it together.
Thank you!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EternalStew
Discord: https://discord.gg/dS4xBTg
Press Kit: https://pullstay.weebly.com/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1179890/Pull_Stay/



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Version 3 61 days ago

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Thank you for checking my game again! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ


yes … i want you game play console for ps4 or ps5 damn :D … and you give key future for console …. i am working for tester girl for lobby game lol

not sure if I can make for PS but highly appreciate your support! (´▽`)

nito ..you  have support 4ever ;D  sugoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Very fun.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make such an entertaining video! It's the best thing we indie developer can hope to spread the word!
I really appreciate you picked up my game and shared it with your great community. If you have any suggestions for making the game more accessible for content creators, please feel free to let me know.
Thank you! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ


We played this game the other day and it was very entertaining! We did have an issue twice where the game seemed to get "stuck" and no more enemies would spawn. We look forward to getting to play the final game someday! Good job on it so far :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this fantastic video! I'm so happy that my game is featured in such a hilarious let's play! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
And also deeply sorry for your inconvenience about the "stuck" bug. That bug has been haunting for a while and I implemented a remedy system in the latest version(v1.01). Hopefully, it should fix the bug now.
I believe this game's exposure/future is depending on wonderful creators like you guys. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell me. Thank you again!


Thank you for the response. We will have to revisit the new update at some point on stream because the trailer is awesome and we would love to experience the rest of the game!

I really appreciate your attention and kind words!
Hope we will work together later on ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ


wow new version ..now very beauty gameplay …. i want look this game for playstation : D

Thank you for trying my game again!
It really helps the exposure of Pull Stay, and also encourages me a lot!
Yeah, if the game will have enough users on Steam, I will definitely try porting to consoles too. Hopefully (੭•̀ᴗ•̀)੭


wow fantastic  … you use https://www.keymailer.co/g ...future give Keys console :D .. you have big talent

Thank you! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ




Thank you for taking  the time to play my  game and make a video!
Someone makes a video about my game... it feels amazing! ( ´ ∇ ` )


yes .you game is sugoi! want make other video..i like idea this game :D ...

Thank you for the kind words! 
I'm really happy to hear you liked my game (◍´ꇴ`◍)
Hope your great community likes it too!